Nymph - Nude Lip kit

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Whirly Girl Lipstick + Stunning Lip Lacquer + Pink Panther Lip Liner

You won't feel naked with our Luxurious Nymph Nude Collection! 

Pink Panther - Dreamy Matte Lip Liner

This rich, smooth and creamy matte lip liner is designed to outline, redefine and shape the lips for a fuller, more voluptuous seductive look. 

It is highly pigmented, waterproof and long lasting.

The premium formulation glides on easily and precisely helping your lipstick adhere to your lips without smudging, feathering or fading.

Whirly Girl - Nude Mauve Sheer Matte Lipstick

This Luxurious Sheer Matte Lipstick is perfect for sculpting and moisturising. The velvety texture glides smoothly over the lips to produce a long-lasting, (smudge free) flawless finish. 

The lipstick is enriched with the anti-oxidant Vitamin E to help protect and nourish your lips leaving them feeling supple and irresistibly soft. 

Containing intense pigments, this lipstick produces a unique & vivid nude shade offering absolute full coverage.

The premium blend also contains a natural vanillin extract which smells absolutely delicious.

Stunning - Metallic Pink Champagne Metal Vinyl Lip Lacquer

 Infused with intense pearlescent pigments this lacquer creates a 3D chrome effect with high- watt shine. It reflects and absorbs light in such a way as to add further volume to the lips making them appear fuller, plump and seductive.

The long wear hybrid formula glides effortlessly onto your lips offering more coverage and luminescence than your typical lip-gloss. 

It provides a non- drying finish making it fade proof and long lasting.


Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | Hypo-Allergenic | Non-Comedogenic

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