Marula oil & Jade roller - Face Tone Nutrition Set

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Color: Venus

     Marula Oil Elixir &     Jade Roller Set

You must feed & nourish your skin like you do your mind and body (this is why face nutrition is vital!). 

This Marula Oil & Jade Roller set has been designed to nourish and tone your face. 

  • Pamper yourself with this 'Elixir of youth' to soften your skin & produce a healthy radiant glow
  • The Marula Oil acts as a natural emollient, helping boost hydration & leaving the skin soft, supple and luminous
  • It helps prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks whilst also proving beneficial for sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin
  • Its anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties help to repair and protect skin from free radicals, bacteria and environmental stressors e.g. pollution

Jade Rollers have been used as part of self-care daily rituals since the 17th Century. The stone, which feels cool and refreshing on the skin, is used to gently massage the face for relaxation and stress relief.

Regular usage has been known to provide a host of benefits:
  • A chemical free way to revitalise the skin, leaving a more radiant, healthier, natural glow
  • Helps in toning the face and improving skin complexion
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Facilitating lymphatic drainage from the skin and facial muscle
  • Reducing inflammation/puffiness around the face and eyes
  • Improving skin elasticity 
  • Revitalises chi and stimulates the Meridian flow (energy network of the body)
  • Assists in releasing and eliminating toxins  

Its often said that Crystals have their own unique powers.

Choose the one that speaks to you. 

Venus - Rose Quartz Jade Roller: Infused with divine feminine energy, it is believed to draw out negativity whilst enhancing positive feelings of peace, tranquillity and personal fulfilment as well as passion and intimacy.

 Aceso- Green Aventurine is a crystal that is known for its healing, harmonizing and calming properties. It balances male and female energies, creating a positive state of mind and promoting overall wellbeing. It is also believed to help with self-confidence, decisiveness, and perseverance.

 Minerva - Amethyst is associated with spiritual wisdom, intuition, and insight. The crystal is used to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra and in meditative practices for overall wellbeing, calming, and inner peace.  

 Athena - Opal, also known as the ‘precious stone’, gives the impression of a rainbow encompassed within a luminescent gem. The crystal is closely associated with the mysterious cosmic vibrations.

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