1. Selecting the Perfect Spot:

    • Choose a safe and level surface for your "Zephyr Blossom Neroli Candle." Ensure it is heat-resistant and free from flammable objects or materials. Keep it away from drafts and strong air currents.
  2. Prepare the Candle:

    • Prior to lighting, ensure that the candle is securely positioned inside its lidded container. Trim the wick to approximately 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) for optimal and even burning.
  3. Prioritize Safety:

    • Always remember that safety is paramount. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  4. Lighting the Candle:

    • Use a long lighter or a matchstick to ignite the candle's wick. Exercise caution to prevent any accidental splatters of hot wax.
  5. Embrace Elemental Energies:

    • As the "Zephyr Blossom Neroli Candle" casts its gentle glow, immerse yourself in the delightful neroli fragrance that fills the air. This candle represents the air element and its connection to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Take a moment to reflect on the energies of these zodiac signs.
  6. Burn Time: Allow the candle to burn until the wax pool reaches the edges of the container. This will help prevent tunneling and ensure a more even burn in future uses.

  7. Extinguish with Care:

    • When it's time to extinguish the flame, use a snuffer or gently blow it out. Avoid blowing forcefully to prevent wax splatters.
  8. Cool Down:

    • Please be cautious as the container may become hot while the candle burns. Allow it to cool down before moving or touching it.
  9. Reusing the Container:

    • Once the candle has completely burned out, you can clean the lidded container and repurpose it for various uses, such as storing small items or as a cherished keepsake.
  10. Safety Reminder:

    • Never leave the candle burning when you leave the room or go to sleep.
    • Do not move the candle while it's lit or when the wax is liquid.
    • Keep the candle away from flammable objects and materials.

Enjoy the serene and fragrant atmosphere created by your "Zephyr Blossom Neroli Candle," all while ensuring safety and mindfulness throughout its 25-hour burn time.