Mystical Manifesting Journal with Amethyst Pen


Mystical Manifesting Journal with Amethyst Pen

Empower Your Dreams with Intention

Step into a realm of possibilities with the Mystical Manifesting Journal, a sacred space bound in luxurious black velvet to capture your hopes, dreams, and intentions. This elegantly crafted journal is more than just a notebook—it's a gateway to manifesting your desires and transforming them into reality.

Unique Features:

Luxurious Design:

Wrapped in soft black velvet, the Mystical Manifesting Journal exudes an aura of mystique and elegance. Its tactile cover invites you to explore within and delve into the depths of your aspirations with clarity and purpose.

Intentional Layout:

Inside, discover lined pages adorned with the empowering phrase 'I write with intention to manifest my dreams'. This subtle reminder encourages mindful reflection and focused intention-setting, guiding you on a journey of personal growth and achievement.

Amethyst Crystal Pen:

Included with the journal is an exquisite amethyst crystal chip ballpoint pen, symbolizing wisdom, clarity, and spiritual insight. The pen enhances your journaling experience, infusing each word with the energy of manifestation and intention.

Practicality and Size:

With 100 sheets of lined pages (200 pages total), the A5-sized journal provides ample space for recording thoughts, setting goals, and documenting your progress towards manifesting your dreams. Its compact yet substantial size ensures it's perfect for both home use and travel.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: H21cm x W15.5cm x D1.7cm
  • Packaged Dimensions: H21cm x W15.5cm x D1.7cm
  • Pages: 100 sheets / 200 lined pages
  • Pen: Amethyst crystal chip ballpoint pen

Harness the Power of Manifestation

Elevate your manifestation practice with the Mystical Manifesting Journal and Amethyst Pen. Whether you're embarking on a new journey of self-discovery, visualizing your dreams, or seeking clarity in your intentions, this journal set empowers you to align your thoughts with your desires and bring them into fruition.

Gift yourself or a loved one with this exquisite journal set and embark on a transformative path of manifestation and personal growth. Embrace the power of intention and manifestation with every stroke of the pen in the Mystical Manifesting Journal—a testament to the limitless potential within you.

Capture your dreams in the velvety embrace of the Mystical Manifesting Journal. Order now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation unlike any other.

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