Nivarna Sensual Massage Kit

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Introducing the "Sensual Nirvana Massage Kit" – Ignite Your Senses and Dive into Blissful Relaxation!

Elevate Your Senses: Are you ready to embark on a journey of sensual delight and relaxation like no other? Our Sensual Nirvana Massage Kit is your gateway to a world of tranquility, sensuality, and ultimate relaxation. Unwind, rejuvenate, and indulge in the pleasures of touch and aroma.

What Awaits You:

🕯️ Aromatherapy Candle - Peace:

  • Set the mood with our "Peace" Aromatherapy Candle. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of pure essential oils designed to stimulate clear thinking, relaxation, and happiness. As the candle burns, delicate aromas will rise, transforming any room into an oasis of serenity.

💆 Sensual Massage Oil (50ml):

  • Stimulate your senses with our fragrant Sensual Massage Oil. Warm it between your hands and experience the tantalizing blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Patchouli Essential Oils, combined with Pure Grapeseed Oil. Whether you're sharing a massage with a loved one or pampering yourself, this oil will leave your skin nourished, silky, and irresistibly soft. It's not just for massages; you can also add it to your bath for a truly sensual experience.

🕯️ Salt Candle Holder - Himalayan Crystal:

  • Enhance the atmosphere with the warm, inviting glow of our Himalayan Salt Candle Holder. Carved from natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock, it not only adds an ethereal ambiance but also acts as a natural ionizer and air purifier. Each holder's unique cracks and veins create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, ranging from light pink to deep dark pink.

🌼 Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool:

  • Experience the power of touch with our Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool. Designed to relieve tension, relax tender muscles, and stimulate circulation, it enhances the massage experience. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and effectiveness.

Safety First: Remember to always keep a burning candle within sight and out of the reach of children and pets.

Note: Natural salt candle holder sizes and shapes may vary, adding to their charm.

Dimensions and Details:

  • Aromatherapy Candle: Elevate your senses with harmonious aromas.
  • Sensual Massage Oil: Indulge in a fragrant and nourishing massage experience.
  • Himalayan Salt Candle Holder: Illuminate your space with natural elegance.
  • Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool: Unleash the power of touch for relaxation.

Proudly Sensual, Affordably Blissful: We believe everyone deserves the pleasures of sensuality and relaxation. That's why we offer this exquisite kit at a price that will bring a smile to your face.

Ignite Your Sensuality: Rediscover the art of touch, sensuality, and relaxation with the Sensual Nirvana Massage Kit. Order now and let the journey to blissful relaxation begin!

Setting the Atmosphere with Aromatherapy Candle - Peace:

  • Find a quiet, dimly lit space where you won't be disturbed.
  • Light the "Peace" Aromatherapy Candle and place it on a stable surface.
  • Allow the candle to burn, and as it does, take deep, slow breaths to inhale the calming aroma. Visualize peace and relaxation enveloping you.

2. Preparing for Your Sensual Massage:

  • If you're sharing a massage, ensure that the room is comfortably warm and that you have a comfortable surface to lie or sit on.
  • Warm the Sensual Massage Oil between your hands. This can be done by gently rubbing your palms together while holding the bottle.

3. The Sensual Massage Experience:

  • Begin your massage by applying the Sensual Massage Oil to the desired areas.
  • If you're giving a massage, use slow, sensual strokes to relax and arouse the senses. Focus on areas of tension or pleasure.
  • If you're receiving a massage, close your eyes, let go of any stress, and surrender to the sensations.

4. Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Glow:

  • As your massage unfolds, bask in the warm, soothing glow of the Himalayan Salt Candle Holder. Its unique, natural beauty enhances the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and sensuality.

5. Enhance the Massage with the Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool:

  • If desired, use the Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool to enhance the massage experience. Its ribbed design provides a unique sensation on the skin.

6. Aftercare and Relaxation:

  • After the massage, take a moment to rest and soak in the afterglow of relaxation and sensuality. Sip on a glass of water to stay hydrated.

7. Safety First:

  • Always remember to keep a watchful eye on the burning candle, and ensure it is out of reach of children and pets.

8. Self-Love and Connection:

  • Throughout your experience, take moments to connect with yourself and your partner if you're sharing the massage. This is a time for intimacy, self-care, and sensuality.

9. Sensual Bath Option:

  • Consider adding a few drops of the Sensual Massage Oil to a warm bath for an indulgent and sensual solo experience.

10. Regular Self-Care: - Make the Sensual Nirvana Massage Kit a regular part of your self-care routine to enhance relaxation, intimacy, and sensuality in your life.

This kit is designed to help you create an atmosphere of sensuality, relaxation, and self-indulgence. Customize your experience based on your desires, and let the Sensual Nirvana Massage Kit be your guide to blissful relaxation and connection.

Aromatherapy Candle - Peace - Combinations of pure oils that all work well together to stimulate clear thinking, relaxation, energy, happiness and much more. Slowly and delicately the aroma will rise while burning the candle and fill any room with a truly aromatherapeutic fragrance.   

Sensual Massage Oil 50ml - Stimulate your senses with this amazingly fragrant, moisturising Relaxing Massage Oil. Warm the oil between your hands, then soothe and delight each other or enjoy some quality solo pampering time. It will leave the skin nourished, silky and perfectly soft. This blend of quality Ylang Ylang, Orange and Patchouli Essential Oils and Pure Grapeseed Oil not only help relax, but also to sleep better and to feel reinvigorated. You can also use it in a bath !

Salt Candle Holder - Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are made from natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock. They are a natural ionizer and air purifier. Himalayan Salt Candle holders naturally contain cracks and veins that make each one unique. The colours range from light pink to a deep dark pink. Each Salt Candle Holder weight approximately 600-800g.

Safety rule: It’s always important to keep a burning candle within sight and keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

Note: Natural salt candle holder size and shape may vary.

Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool - This roller will help to relieve tension, relaxes tense and tender muscles and stimulate the circulation.

Size: Lenght: 19cm, Width: 9cm, Diameter of roller 4cm 

A set to be proud off at a price to make you smile.

Aromatherapy Candle - Peace:

  • Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic benefits, promoting relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional balance through the power of scents.

2. Sensual Massage Oil:

  • The combination of Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Patchouli Essential Oils in the massage oil has been used traditionally to enhance sensuality and relaxation. Ylang Ylang is even known as the "flower of flowers."

3. Himalayan Salt Candle Holder:

  • Himalayan salt is millions of years old and contains minerals and trace elements that give it its distinctive pink color. It's believed to have natural ionizing properties, improving air quality.

4. Ribbed Hand Roller Massage Tool:

  • Massage rollers like the Ribbed Hand Roller have been used for centuries in various cultures to relieve muscle tension and stimulate circulation, promoting relaxation and well-being.

5. Sensual Awakening:

  • Sensual massage can awaken and heighten sensitivity, promoting intimacy and a deeper connection with your partner or yourself.

6. Relaxation Benefits:

  • Sensual massage and aromatherapy can help reduce stress, lower anxiety, and improve overall well-being by releasing feel-good hormones like oxytocin and reducing cortisol levels.

7. Patchouli Essential Oil:

  • Patchouli is often associated with sensuality and was a popular scent during the "Summer of Love" in the 1960s, symbolizing free spirits and self-expression.

8. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:

  • Ylang Ylang is known for its exotic, floral scent and is considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures, making it a perfect addition to a sensual massage oil.

9. Orange Essential Oil:

  • Orange essential oil is known for its uplifting and invigorating properties, promoting a sense of happiness and relaxation.

10. Candle Rituals: - Lighting a candle as part of a massage ritual can create a sacred and intimate atmosphere, enhancing the sensory experience.

11. Power of Touch: - Sensual massage is not only about physical pleasure but also about connecting with your partner or yourself on a deeper level, promoting emotional well-being.

12. Himalayan Salt Variations: - Each Himalayan Salt Candle Holder is unique, with variations in color and texture. These variations are a testament to the salt's natural origins.

13. Self-Care and Sensuality: - Incorporating sensual rituals into your self-care routine can be a powerful way to prioritize your well-being and self-love.

As you explore the Sensual Nirvana Massage Kit, you'll not only enjoy its immediate benefits but also tap into the rich history and sensuality associated with its elements. It's an invitation to relaxation, connection, and self-indulgence.

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