SB LUX - Where Glamour meets Wellbeing

SB Lux is a labour of love, the seeds of which were sewn at a very early age for me. Since forever, a long term passion of mine has been all things Beauty, Wellbeing, Spiritual and Sensual. I love exploring and delving deep into these areas through learning, talking and experimenting.
Sharing my experiences gives me great pleasure and in my own little way, I love making people feel good about themselves. These are the elements that I wish to inject into SB Lux with YOU, as the individual, being the primary focus.
 I believe every one of us is unique in our own special way, endowed with an ethereal persona, an inner beauty, which can often remain suppressed.
At SB Lux, we are dedicated to inform, inspire and uplift our customers through a holistic focus on mind, body, soul and human spirit. 
Our aim is to help nurture our customers’ inner and outer beauty by giving them the encouragement to fully embrace their true authentic selves (with self-love being the key ingredient of course!).
 Our range of luxurious Make-up and Skincare products are made from the
🍯 Highest quality ingredients
🧿 EU compliant
🌱Cruelty free and Vegan friendly🐰
They have been designed specifically to help you relax and pamper yourself, as well as  enable you to express your creative individuality.
In our unique selection, we hope you will discover all the gems you need for the ultimate relaxing night in or glamorous night out! ENJOY
- Serena B