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Introducing our enchanting collection of spell candles! Each candle is infused with the finest essential oils and herbs to bring positive energy and help manifest your desires. With seven variants to choose from, including Transformation, Blessings, Good Energy, Cleansing, Healing, Protection, and Love, these candles are the perfect addition to your daily rituals and meditation practices.

Crafted with premium quality wax, these spell candles are carefully made to create a truly magical experience. Simply light the candle and focus your intention on your desired outcome. As the flame burns, the energy is released and amplified, helping you to connect with the universe and manifest your dreams.

Our spell candles come in a set of seven, each with its unique fragrance and colour. They are also the perfect size for travel, so you can bring them with you wherever you go. Use them to cleanse the energy of a physical space, repel negative energies, cleanse your aura, clear blockages in the chakras, and cleanse the energy field around you.

Experience the power of magic and transform your life with these spell candles today! Use them in your rituals, meditations, or simply leave them unlit to promote positive vibes. You can also use them with Sage or Palo Santo to help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and connect with the spiritual realm more easily.

Size of one candle: 12.5x1cm.

A set of 10 purple candles dedicated to be used during transformation rituals. Candle magic is one of the simplest methods to support the manifestation of intention or will. The right colour of the candle strengthens the element of fire, provides energy protection and makes it easier to find solutions.

Just write your intention in purple and burn the sheet in a safe container. For the ritual to be completed, the candle must be burnt out completely.

Manifestation spell candles are often used in magic and ritual practices to help individuals focus their intentions and manifest their desires. Here are some fun facts about manifestation spell candles:

  1. Color Correspondences: Like other types of spell candles, manifestation candles are often chosen based on their color correspondences. Each color is associated with specific intentions. For example, green candles are used for abundance and prosperity spells, while pink candles are used for love and romance spells.

  2. Herbal and Scented Varieties: Many manifestation candles are made with specific herbs and scents that correspond to the desired intention. For example, a prosperity candle may contain ingredients like cinnamon and bay leaves for attracting wealth.

  3. Affirmations and Visualizations: When using a manifestation candle, practitioners often pair it with affirmations and visualizations. These techniques help reinforce the intention and create a powerful focus on the desired outcome.

  4. Full Moon Magic: Some practitioners prefer to use manifestation candles during the full moon, as it is believed to be a potent time for manifesting intentions. The energy of the full moon can amplify the power of the candle spell.

  5. Candle Dressing: Candle dressing is a common practice where individuals anoint the candle with specific oils or herbs related to their intention. This is done to charge the candle with the desired energy.

  6. Numerology and Candle Magic: In some forms of candle magic, numerology plays a role in the choice of candle color and the number of candles used. Different numbers are associated with specific energies and intentions.

  7. Moon Phase Selection: While the full moon is often associated with manifestation, other moon phases can also be utilized. Some practitioners prefer the new moon for setting intentions, while others choose the waxing or waning phases for different purposes.

  8. Personalization: Many individuals personalize their manifestation candle spells by adding symbols, words, or even carving their desires into the candle. This customization adds a personal touch to the ritual.

  9. Protection and Grounding: Some practitioners begin their manifestation spell with a grounding and protection ritual to ensure they are working with safe and positive energies during the process.

  10. Sacred Space: Creating a sacred and focused space for the manifestation ritual is essential. Practitioners may use tools such as crystals, incense, or meditation to enhance the atmosphere.

  11. Patience and Belief: Manifestation spells with candles require patience and a strong belief in the power of intention. The results may not always be immediate, and persistence is often key.

  12. Release Rituals: In some cases, manifestation spells with candles may be followed by release rituals. This allows individuals to let go of their attachment to the outcome and trust that the universe will provide.

  13. Ethical Considerations: Many practitioners emphasize ethical considerations when working with manifestation spells. It's important to focus on intentions that are for the highest good and avoid harmful or manipulative intentions.

  14. Practical Action: While manifestation candles can be a powerful tool, they are often seen as a complement to practical action. Many practitioners believe that taking steps toward their goals in the physical world is essential for manifestation.

  15. Community and Sharing: Some people participate in group manifestation rituals or share their experiences with others in online communities. This sense of community can provide support and encouragement in the manifestation process.

Manifestation spell candles are a creative and symbolic way for individuals to focus their intentions and work toward their goals. Whether viewed as a spiritual practice or a form of personal development, they continue to be a popular tool for those seeking to manifest positive changes in their lives.

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