Rose Quartz Facial Roller in Silk Lined Box

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Double sided Rose Quartz  Jade Roller (Venus) presented in a protective pink peony Silk Lined Box

 Rose Quartz is closely associated with the heart chakra, making it the crystal of unconditional love.

Infused with divine feminine energy, it is believed to draw out negativity whilst enhancing positive feelings of peace, tranquillity and personal fulfilment as well as passion and intimacy.

Reawakening the heart, it helps embrace self-love as well as empathy and harmony.

The crystal is also known to help dissolve emotional stress and tension contributing to deep inner healing.


 Our Jade rollers are handmade using only the finest natural crystals. Their purity is maintained throughout the manufacturing process leaving them 100% natural and organic. 
Jade Rollers have been used as part of self-care daily rituals since the 17th Century. The stone, which feels cool and refreshing on the skin, is used to gently massage the face for relaxation and stress relief.
Regular usage has been known to provide a host of benefits:
  • A chemical free way to revitalise the skin, leaving a more radiant, healthier, natural glow
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Facilitating lymphatic drainage from the skin and facial muscle
  • Reducing inflammation/puffiness around the face and eyes
  • Improving skin elasticity 
  • Revitalises chi and stimulates the Meridian flow (energy network of the body)
  • Helps in toning the face and improving skin complexion
  • Assists in releasing and eliminating toxins  

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This double-sided Jade Roller has been designed for full face and neck massage. The large roller is ideal for using on your forehead, neck, chin and cheeks, whilst the smaller roller is for use around the delicate eye area and temples.

Ensure your face is cleansed and dry before use.

The general technique in using the Jade Roller is to work from the centre outwards, increasing the pressure as you move out.

Forehead - Using the larger side of the roller, glide from the centre of the forehead outwards towards the temple. Repeat a number of times before moving to the other side.

Cheeks - Using the larger side, start from the nose gliding outwards over the cheeks towards the ears. Repeat multiple times.

Chin - Using the larger side, glide the roller from the chin along the lower jawline outwards toward the ears.

Eyes - Using the smaller side, and applying very light pressure, work the eyelids and underneath the eyes by gliding from the inner corner of the eyes towards the temple.

  •  For a more cooling effect on the skin, keep the Jade roller in the fridge before use
  • You can use your roller morning and night on dry cleansed skin, or with a serum for optimal results.
  • For an alternative massage experience – dampen a soft, clean flannel and microwave for approx. 10sec. Lay back and place this warm (not hot) flannel gently over your face. Use the Jade roller to massage as explained above. 

 Cleaning your Jade Roller

Clean the Jade Roller regularly using a warm soft damp cloth.

Dry with a clean towel or simply leave to air dry naturally.

Ensure it is completely dry before putting back into its box.

For a deeper clean, use a soft soap or cleanser.

To protect the Jade Roller and ensure it retains its natural properties DO NOT use hot water or harsh chemicals/cleaning agents.

Natural Rose Quartz
  • Jade is a mineral found in crystalline form in many parts of the world. It has been used in healthcare, skincare, and holistic medicine by the Mayans, Aztecs, and Ancient Chinese & Indian Civilisations.  
  • Jade rollers were first used in the Qing Dynasty in the early 17th century, where the Chinese elites incorporated their use as part of their daily beauty and skincare routines. 

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