A Crystal Elixir Tea Infuser Bottle is a lovely way to enjoy your favorite herbal or loose-leaf teas with the added beauty and energy of crystals. Here are some directions on how to use it:

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Crystal Elixir Tea Infuser Bottle
  2. Loose-leaf tea or tea bags
  3. Hot water
  4. Optional: Additional crystals for infusion (if desired)


1. Clean the Bottle: Before using your Crystal Elixir Tea Infuser Bottle for the first time, wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water. Rinse it well to remove any soap residue. Allow it to air dry.

2. Prepare Your Tea:

  • If you're using loose-leaf tea, measure the desired amount and place it in the infuser compartment of the bottle. Be mindful of the amount to avoid overfilling, as it may block the water flow.
  • If you prefer tea bags, insert the tea bag into the infuser compartment.

3. Add Crystals (Optional):

  • If you want to infuse the energy of crystals into your tea, you can add small, cleansed crystals to the infuser compartment along with the tea leaves or bag. Make sure the crystals you use are safe for contact with water and are thoroughly cleaned.

4. Boil Water:

  • Heat water to the appropriate temperature for your tea type. Different teas have different temperature requirements (e.g., black tea typically requires boiling water, while green tea may need slightly cooler water).

5. Pour Hot Water:

  • Carefully pour the hot water into the Crystal Elixir Tea Infuser Bottle. Be mindful not to overfill it to prevent spillage and allow room for expansion as the tea leaves or bag absorbs the water.

6. Steep Your Tea:

  • Close the infuser compartment securely.
  • Let the tea steep for the recommended duration. Refer to the tea's packaging or guidelines for steeping times.
  • If you're using crystals for infusion, you can meditate or focus on their energy while your tea steeps.

7. Enjoy Your Tea:

  • Once your tea has steeped to your desired strength, you can start sipping directly from the Crystal Elixir Tea Infuser Bottle. The double-wall glass design helps maintain the temperature of your tea.

8. Clean and Care:

  • After you've finished your tea, empty the tea leaves or bag and rinse the infuser compartment.
  • Clean your Crystal Elixir Tea Infuser Bottle thoroughly after each use to prevent any residue buildup.

9. Recharge Your Crystals (If Applicable):

  • If you've used crystals for infusion, cleanse and recharge them as needed according to the crystal's care instructions.

Remember that the crystal you choose can affect the energy and properties of your tea, so select a crystal that aligns with your intentions or desired outcomes. Enjoy your tea and the added benefits of crystal energy!