8 Steps to Luxurious Nails

  • Firstly, cut your nails and remove any nail polish with a nail varnish remover.
  • Next, wash and dry hands thoroughly in order to remove any dirt/ oils from the fingertips & nails (this will help ensure the adhesive works properly).
  • From the selection of press on nails choose the ones that best fits your natural nails (the smallest goes on your little finger, and the largest on your thumb). Lay them out accordingly.
  • On your natural nails, use the 7 way nail file/buffer included and follow steps 1,2,3, and 6
  • Wipe down each of your natural nails using the alcoholic wipe provided
  • Apply and spread a drop of nail glue to one of your natural nails and corresponding press on nail (Note: an alternative to using the glue are the stick on pads provided)
  • Place the press on nail onto your natural nail and gently slide down to align with your cuticle. Once aligned press down for 10 seconds to set the nails
  • Repeat last two steps on all other fingers and thumb

 CAUTION: Do not use if natural nails are Inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children.