Part your lips slightly and gently trace over the outline of your mouth using short, light strokes.

Starting at the centre of your top lip, draw an X at the cupid’s bow & then move from the centre outwards along the contours of your mouth.

Alternatively, you can trace from the outside corner of your lips, gently moving towards the centre for a more rounded, fuller look.

These lip liners are retractable so there is no need to sharpen them. To reveal more of the lip liner, simply rotate the larger ring at the bottom of the pencil clockwise and vice versa.

  • To enable the lip liner to glide more smoothly over your lips, first draw a couple of light strokes on the back of your hand before applying.
  • Use a lip liner shade slightly darker than your lipstick for fuller looking lips.
  • If you have any creases/chapped lips, try applying lip liner to the creases prior to using your lipstick, this will produce a more seamless, smoother look