EyeNourish Complex

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Introducing EyeNourish Complex - Unleash the Power of Your Vision!

👁️ Are you tired of strained, fatigued eyes after a long day in front of screens?

🌟 Discover EyeNourish Complex, your all-in-one solution for maintaining crystal-clear vision in the digital age! 🌟

60 Capsules: The Ultimate Vision Formula

🔬 Our cutting-edge, research-backed formula is carefully crafted to provide unparalleled support for your precious eyes. Say goodbye to visual fatigue and embrace the vibrancy of a screen-friendly life.

🌿 Natural Marvels for Eye Health: EyeNourish Complex harnesses the power of Bilberry fruit and Pine Bark. These extraordinary herbs are like superheroes for your eyes, protecting your retinas and vascular tissues from the harmful effects of modern life.

👁️ Lutein & Zeaxanthin: Unlock the secrets of the retina's clear vision zone with extra levels of zeaxanthin and lutein esters. These dynamic duo carotenoids will boost your visual performance, especially during those marathon screen sessions.

🌈 Lutein & Zeaxanthin: These antioxidants are your vision's best friends. Lutein fights against dangerous blue light and helps shield your eyes from harm. Together with zeaxanthin, they are your guardians against age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

🍊 Vitamin C & Citrus Bioflavonoids: This dynamic duo ensures your eyes and body stay in tip-top shape. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, promoting collagen formation in your cornea and supporting healthy blood vessels in your retinas. When combined with citrus bioflavonoids, their synergy creates a protective shield against oxidative stress.

🔒 NO magnesium stearate in this formula! We're committed to purity and potency.

Eyes Deserve the Best - Why Settle for Less?

👓 In a world dominated by screens, protect your eyes like never before with EyeNourish Complex.

📚 Backed by extensive research and fortified with nature's finest ingredients, this eye health supplement is your ultimate vision formula.

🌟 See the world with renewed clarity, conquer the challenges of modern life, and let your eyes sparkle like never before!

🛡️ Shield your eyes from the digital age's challenges with EyeNourish Complex - because your vision is worth it!

    As a food supplement for adults only, take 1 capsule, 1 to 3 times per day with food or as advised.

    1. Unique Iris Patterns: Just like fingerprints, each person has a unique iris pattern. No two people (except identical twins) have the same arrangement of lines, shapes, and colors in their irises.

    2. Blinking: On average, a person blinks about 15-20 times per minute. That's over 1,000 blinks per hour and around 15,000 times a day! Blinking helps keep the eyes moist and clean.

    3. Eye Muscles: The eye muscles are the most active muscles in the human body. They are constantly moving, even when your eyes appear to be still.

    4. Color Perception: Humans can distinguish between approximately 2.7 to 10 million different colors. The perception of color is made possible by specialized cells in the retina called cones.

    5. Night Vision: Cats, owls, and some other animals have a special layer of cells behind their retinas called the tapetum lucidum. This layer reflects light back through the retina, enhancing their night vision. Humans don't have this layer, which is why our night vision is relatively poor.

    6. Size of the Eye: The human eye is about the size of a ping pong ball and weighs approximately 7-8 grams.

    7. Quick Reactions: The human eye can detect a candle flame from about 1.7 miles (2.7 kilometers) away on a clear, dark night.

    8. Tears: Tears are not only produced when we cry emotionally. They are constantly produced to keep the eye moist and nourished. Excess tears are drained into the nasal cavity, which is why you may get a runny nose when you cry.

    9. Eye Color Change: Some people's eye colors can change over time. It's most common in infants, but it can also occur in adults due to hormonal changes or certain diseases.

    10. Blind Spot: Each eye has a blind spot where the optic nerve exits the retina. However, the brain fills in this gap with information from the other eye, so we don't usually notice it.

    11. Eye Size and Vision: The size of your eye can affect your vision. For example, people with larger eyes tend to be more nearsighted (myopic), while those with smaller eyes are more likely to be farsighted (hyperopic).

    12. Blinking in Sync: When you look at someone you love, both of your heart rates can synchronize, and you may also blink in sync with each other.

    13. Eye Movement During Sleep: During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, your eyes move rapidly in various directions, similar to when you are awake. This is when most dreaming occurs.

    14. Corneal Transplants: The cornea is the only part of the body that can be transplanted from one person to another without tissue rejection. This is because the cornea has no blood vessels.

    15. Most Active Sense: Vision is our most active sense. About 50% of the brain's pathways are involved in processing visual information.

    These fun facts showcase the incredible complexity and capabilities of the human eye, making it one of the most intriguing and essential organs in the body.

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