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Unleash the power of magic with our Magic Spell Candle! This candle is perfect for those seeking luck and good fortune. Inspired by traditional 7-day prayer candles, it features a beautiful green pillar candle contained in a glass jar. Infused with the invigorating scent of green tea, this candle will create a soothing and relaxing ambiance while also serving as a powerful tool for manifestation and spells.

Crafted with paraffin wax, this candle has an average burn time of 70 hours, making it long-lasting and perfect for repeated use. Its dimensions of H21cm x W6cm x D6cm make it a beautiful addition to any altar or space.

Whether you're new to spell casting or a seasoned practitioner, this magic spell candle is an essential tool for your rituals and meditations. Bring luck and good fortune into your life with this beautiful green tea scented candle.

Looking for a way to enhance your spells and rituals? Look no further than our Magic Spell Candles!

These candles are inspired by traditional 7-day prayer candles, but with a modern twist. Each candle is housed in a glass jar and scented with a unique fragrance to help amplify the energy of your spells.

Choose from our range of scents, including Green Tea Luck, Rose Love, Opium Protection, Lavender Prosperity, and White Sage Happiness.

Made from high-quality paraffin wax, these candles have an average burn time of 70 hours, giving you plenty of time to cast your spells and manifest your desires.

With a height of 21cm and a width of 6cm, these candles make a beautiful addition to any altar or sacred space. And when not in use, they can be easily stored in their stylishly packaged box, measuring H22cm x W7cm x D7cm.

So why wait? Light up one of our Magic Spell Candles and let the magic begin!



Magic spell candles are often used in various forms of ritual magic and spellwork to enhance intentions, focus energy, and manifest desired outcomes. Here's a basic guide on how to use a magic spell candle:

  1. Choose the Right Candle: Select a candle that corresponds to your intention or the type of spell you want to perform. Different candle colors have different associations:

    • White: Purity, spirituality, healing
    • Red: Love, passion, courage
    • Green: Abundance, prosperity, fertility
    • Blue: Peace, communication, wisdom
    • Yellow: Success, confidence, creativity
    • Purple: Psychic abilities, spirituality, intuition
    • Black: Protection, banishing negative energy
    • Pink: Romantic love, friendship
  2. Prepare Your Space:

    • Find a quiet, clean, and undisturbed space where you can perform your spellwork.
    • Remove any distractions and clutter from your chosen area.
    • You may want to set up an altar or a designated space for your candle magic.
  3. Cleansing and Charging:

    • Before using the candle, cleanse and consecrate it to remove any negative energies and imbue it with your intentions. You can do this by holding the candle and visualizing white or golden light cleansing it.
    • State your intention clearly and imagine the energy flowing into the candle.
  4. Dress the Candle:

    • Dressing a candle means anointing it with oils or herbs that correspond to your intention. Use a small amount of oil or herbs and rub them onto the candle from the center outwards, with your intention in mind.
  5. Carve Symbols or Words:

    • Using a knife or a special carving tool, inscribe symbols, words, or phrases on the candle that represent your intention.
  6. Setting the Mood:

    • Light incense or smudge the space with sage or other cleansing herbs.
    • Dim the lights or use candlelight to create a meditative atmosphere.
    • You may want to play soft music or chant a mantra to further set the mood.
  7. Light the Candle:

    • When you're ready, light the candle using a match or a lighter.
    • As you light it, focus on your intention and visualize it manifesting. Concentrate your energy and thoughts on the desired outcome.
  8. Meditate and Focus:

    • Sit quietly in front of the candle and meditate on your intention.
    • Visualize your goal coming to fruition with as much detail as possible.
    • Feel the emotions associated with achieving your intention.
  9. Monitor the Candle:

    • Let the candle burn for a specific period of time, which can vary depending on the spell. Some spells may require the candle to burn completely, while others may specify a certain amount of time.
  10. Close the Ritual:

    • Thank the universe, any deities or spirits you invoked, and the candle for their assistance.
    • Safely extinguish the candle (using a snuffer or your fingers if necessary), but never blow it out, as this can disperse the energy.
  11. Dispose of the Remains:

    • If the spell required the candle to burn completely, bury the remains in your garden or dispose of them in a natural setting.
    • If you used a portion of the candle, you can store it in a safe place for future use in similar spells.

Remember that magic and spellwork should be approached with respect and responsibility. Always practice within your own belief system and ethical guidelines. Additionally, it's important to note that the effectiveness of candle magic can vary from person to person, and results may not be immediate.

Glass and Wax

Spell candles, often used in various forms of magic and ritual practices, have some interesting and fun facts associated with them:

  1. Color Symbolism: The color of a spell candle is significant in spellwork. Each color is associated with specific intentions or magical goals. For example, green represents prosperity, pink is associated with love spells, and black is used for protection and banishing.

  2. Candle Shapes: Spell candles come in various shapes and sizes, including taper candles, pillar candles, tea lights, and more. Some practitioners prefer to use specific shapes for particular spells, such as using a taper candle for directing energy or a jar candle for long-term intention setting.

  3. Anointing Oils: Many practitioners use anointing oils made from herbs, essential oils, or other natural substances to dress their candles. These oils can enhance the candle's power and connection to the intended outcome.

  4. Carving Symbols: Carving symbols, words, or sigils onto a candle is a common practice in candle magic. These inscriptions can add an extra layer of intention to the spell.

  5. Astrological Timing: Some practitioners of candle magic choose specific times, such as during a full moon or on a particular astrological date, to perform their spells. They believe that the alignment of celestial bodies can amplify their intentions.

  6. Herb and Crystal Correspondences: Along with anointing oils, herbs, and crystals are often used to enhance the energy of spell candles. Each herb and crystal has its own correspondences and properties that can be incorporated into the spell.

  7. Candle Colors in Hoodoo: In Hoodoo, a form of African American folk magic, specific candle colors are associated with particular saints and spirits. Practitioners use these colors to petition for their assistance in various aspects of life.

  8. Candle Magic Across Cultures: Candle magic is not limited to one specific culture or tradition. It is practiced in various forms around the world, including in Wiccan, Pagan, and Indigenous spiritual practices.

  9. Floating Candles: Floating candles are often used in water-based rituals and ceremonies. They can create a serene and enchanting ambiance for meditation or spiritual gatherings.

  10. Safety Precautions: While candle magic can be a beautiful and powerful practice, it's important to follow safety precautions. Never leave a burning candle unattended, keep them away from flammable materials, and use appropriate candle holders or containers.

  11. Candle Reading: Some practitioners of divination use the way a candle burns, the shape of the wax drippings, and the patterns of smoke to interpret messages or gain insight into the success of their spell.

  12. Personalized Candle Spells: Many people create their own candle spells and rituals, tailoring them to their unique intentions and desires. This personalization can make the practice even more meaningful and effective.

Remember that candle magic is a deeply personal and spiritual practice, and its effectiveness can vary from person to person. Whether you view it as a fun and symbolic ritual or a serious form of magic, it can be a beautiful way to connect with your intentions and the energies of the universe.

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