Enchanting Magic Spell Candle

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Bring a touch of magic to your life with our collection of Magic Spell Candles. Each candle is infused with powerful gemstones to enhance the energy of the spell, making them the perfect tool for manifesting your desires.

Choose from our wide range of variants including Friendship, Balance, Luck, Confidence, Sweet Revenge, Seduction, Cleansing, Prosperity, Success, Happiness, Love, and Protection.

Each candle is made with high-quality materials, including natural soy wax and a lead-free wick, ensuring a clean and even burn. The average burning time for each candle is 50 hours, providing you with ample time to focus your intentions and cast your spell.

Whether you're new to the world of magic or an experienced practitioner, these Magic Spell Candles are the perfect addition to your practice. Order now and let the power of magic transform your life.



Magic candles are often used in various spiritual and ritual practices to set intentions, cast spells, and create a desired atmosphere. When using a magic candle, it's important to approach the practice with respect and mindfulness. Here are general directions for using a magic candle:

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Magic candle: Choose a candle that corresponds to your intention or purpose. Different colors and scents are often associated with specific energies and intentions.
  2. Candle holder or dish: A safe and stable surface for your candle.
  3. Lighter or matches: To light the candle.
  4. Clear intention: Know what you want to achieve or manifest with the candle ritual.
  5. Quiet and focused space: Find a peaceful, distraction-free area for your practice.
  6. Optional: Other ritual tools: Depending on your tradition or practice, you may also want additional tools like herbs, crystals, oils, or incense.


  1. Select Your Intention: Determine your intention for the magic candle. What do you want to manifest, release, or bring into your life? Be clear and specific in your intention.

  2. Choose the Right Candle: Select a candle that corresponds to your intention. For example, green candles are often associated with prosperity, while pink candles may represent love and harmony.

  3. Prepare Your Space:

    • Find a quiet and sacred space where you can perform your candle ritual without interruptions.
    • Place the candle in its holder or dish on a stable surface.
  4. Cleansing: Some practitioners like to cleanse their candle and themselves before starting. This can be done with a simple prayer, smudging with sage or incense, or using other cleansing rituals.

  5. Focus Your Mind:

    • Sit quietly and center yourself. Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and ground yourself in the present moment.
    • Visualize your intention and what you wish to achieve with the candle ritual.
  6. Prepare the Candle:

    • Hold the candle in your hands and concentrate on your intention.
    • You can carve symbols or words into the candle that represent your intention. Alternatively, anoint the candle with oils if desired.
  7. Light the Candle:

    • Use a lighter or matches to safely light the candle's wick.
    • As you do so, state your intention out loud or silently in your mind.
  8. Meditation and Visualization:

    • Gaze into the flame and focus on your intention.
    • Visualize your desire coming to fruition or the obstacles being removed.
    • Spend some time in meditation, keeping your mind and energy connected to your intention.
  9. Safety First: Always keep safety in mind. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and ensure it is placed on a fireproof surface away from flammable objects.

  10. Let It Burn: Allow the candle to burn for a set period, which could be minutes, hours, or even days, depending on the practice and your intention.

  11. Close the Ritual:

  • When you feel your intention has been sufficiently focused on or when the candle has burned down completely, extinguish the flame safely.
  • Express gratitude for the energy and intention you've set.
  1. Dispose of the Remnants:
  • If you used a portion of the candle, you may choose to bury the remaining wax or scatter it in nature as an offering.
  1. Keep Your Intention Alive:
  • Continue to hold your intention in your thoughts and actions as you go about your daily life.

Magic candle rituals can be a meaningful and personal practice. Remember to adapt these directions to suit your specific belief system, tradition, or personal preferences. Always prioritize safety when working with open flames.

Glass, Soywax

Using a magic candle can be a fascinating and symbolic practice filled with history and tradition. Here are some fun and intriguing facts about using a magic candle:

  1. Ancient Origins: Candle magic is an ancient practice that can be traced back to various cultures, including ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It has been used for both spiritual and practical purposes for thousands of years.

  2. Color Symbolism: The color of a magic candle is often chosen to correspond with the practitioner's intention. Different colors are associated with specific energies and purposes. For example, green may represent prosperity, while purple is often used for spiritual growth.

  3. Scent Magic: Some magic candles are scented to enhance the ritual's atmosphere. Common scents include lavender for relaxation, frankincense for purification, and rose for love.

  4. Candle Shapes: Magic candles come in various shapes and sizes, and each may have a unique meaning. Taper candles are commonly used for focused intentions, while figure candles (such as those shaped like animals or people) are used for more complex rituals.

  5. Carving and Inscriptions: Practitioners often carve symbols, words, or sigils onto the candle's surface to amplify their intention. This personalizes the candle for the specific ritual.

  6. Moon Phases: Some practitioners choose to perform candle magic during specific moon phases, such as the full moon or new moon, to enhance the power of their intentions.

  7. Wax Drip Divination: The way a candle burns and the patterns formed by the wax can be interpreted as signs or messages. This practice is known as ceromancy and is sometimes used in candle magic.

  8. Petition Papers: Alongside a magic candle, practitioners may use a petition paper or written statement of their intention. This paper is often placed beneath the candle to amplify the energy.

  9. Elemental Connection: Candle magic is closely associated with the element of fire. The flame is seen as a transformative and purifying force that can help manifest intentions.

  10. Astronomy and Astrology: Some practitioners align their candle magic with astrological events, such as planetary alignments or zodiac sign transitions, to harness celestial energies.

  11. Hoodoo and Conjure: In African American folk magic traditions like Hoodoo and Conjure, candle magic plays a significant role. These practices often involve the use of specific herbs, oils, and prayers in conjunction with candles.

  12. Modern Adaptations: Candle magic has evolved over time, and modern practitioners may incorporate technology, such as LED candles, into their rituals if they prefer to avoid open flames.

  13. Multicultural Influence: Candle magic has been influenced by various cultures and belief systems, including Wicca, Paganism, and modern witchcraft.

  14. Environmental Considerations: As awareness of environmental issues grows, some practitioners seek out eco-friendly candles made from sustainable materials.

  15. Intent and Visualization: One of the key principles of candle magic is the importance of setting a clear intention and visualizing the desired outcome while the candle burns.

Remember that candle magic is a personal and symbolic practice, and the effectiveness of any ritual is closely tied to the practitioner's beliefs and intentions. Whether you approach it as a serious spiritual practice or simply enjoy the symbolism and atmosphere, candle magic can be a fun and engaging way to connect with your intentions and desires.

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