The Rose Oracle Cards


Discover The Rose Oracle Cards: Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with The Rose Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell. This enchanting deck comprises 44 cards, each intricately illustrated by Katie-Louise, and accompanied by a comprehensive 151-page guidebook. Dive deep into the sacred healing and mystical properties of Mother Rose, empowering yourself to reconnect with your authentic essence and unlock the profound wisdom that lies within.

Unique Features:

  • Sacred Healing with Mother Rose: Harnessing the nurturing energy of Mother Rose, these oracle cards serve as powerful tools for spiritual healing and guidance. Each card is imbued with the essence of roses, known for their transformative and protective qualities, offering insights and clarity on your spiritual path.
  • Illustrated Beauty: The artwork by Katie-Louise captivates with its beauty and symbolism, enhancing the intuitive connection between the reader and the cards. Every illustration is crafted to evoke emotion, stimulate reflection, and deepen your understanding of the messages conveyed.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: Delve into the depths of each card's meaning and significance with the 151-page guidebook. Written by Rebecca Campbell, the guidebook provides detailed interpretations, practical insights, and guidance on how to integrate the wisdom of the cards into your daily life and spiritual practice.
  • Versatile Sliding Box: Presented in a matching sliding box, The Rose Oracle Cards not only offer a secure storage solution but also double as a portable altar. This feature allows you to create sacred space wherever you go, facilitating rituals, meditations, and moments of spiritual connection.
  • Empowering Spiritual Journey: Whether you are new to oracle cards or a seasoned practitioner, The Rose Oracle Cards empower you to access deeper levels of self-awareness, intuition, and inner wisdom. They encourage personal growth, self-reflection, and spiritual alignment, fostering a profound connection with the divine feminine and the energy of roses.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Packaged beautifully, The Rose Oracle Cards make a meaningful gift for those on a spiritual journey or seeking guidance and clarity. Share the transformative power of oracle cards with loved ones, offering them a tool to navigate life's challenges and embrace their true essence.

Illuminate your path, embrace the wisdom of Mother Rose, and awaken your inner guidance with The Rose Oracle Cards. Let the beauty of the illustrations and the depth of the messages guide you towards self-discovery, healing, and spiritual fulfillment.

Unlock the mysteries of the heart and connect with the divine feminine energy embodied in The Rose Oracle Cards.

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